In-Ground Pools Too!

The Pool Pillow Pal can make closing an in-ground pool easier too! Many owners of in-ground pools typically use a soft cover over the pool and water bags on the edges of the cover around the pool to keep it secure through the winter. The cover will lay flat on the water, and over time, will accumulate snow, water and ice...and lots of debris such as leaves and twigs, and an occassional rodent or two!


Using an air pillow between the water and cover will shed the water and debris to the sides of the pool making pumping off the accumulated water and the removal of this unwanted debris much easier. With the size of some in-ground pools, pulling the cover over the pillow tied into the pool was VERY difficult, and finding a place to easily tie in the pillow was hard too. But with The Pool Pillow Pal you can easily attach the air pillow to the bottom of your winter cover and float the pillow and cover in place, and have it remain centered and secure throughout the winter.


We recommend using a 4X8 or a 4X15 foot pillow for most in-ground pools. With your winter cover laying next to the pool (water-side facing UP), find the center of the cover and place two of The Pool Pillow Pal's white cover patches evenly spaced lengthwise on the bottom side of the cover along the center-line (the side that will face the water). Spacing them about 4'-6' apart for an 8' pillow, or 8'-10' for a 15' pillow works well. Of course, make sure the area on the cover where you apply the patches is clean and dry.


Lay the "un inflated" air pillow on top of the winter cover adjacent to the white cover patches you installed. This way you can line up the white cover patches and apply two black pillow patches to the air pillow in allignment with the white cover patches. Keep the black pillow patches along the center line of the air pillow.


Attach The Pool Pillow Pal's together with firm pressure and inflate the air pillow to approximately 50% or 60% of capacity with a pump or shop vac while it is attached to the cover (you can also use the tips we suggest about applying a little spa lube around the nozzle and duct tape over the top after inflating the pillow). You now fold the pillow onto the water with the cover on top and float it into place and secure as you normally would.


You now have The Pool Pillow Pal holding the air pillow in the center of your pool allowing for easy water and debris management throughout the year and at spring time!

You can see from the above photos, having an air pillow centered under the cover of an in-ground pool will make managing the water and debris on the cover SO MUCH EASIER. Using The Pool Pillow Pal makes it very EASY to apply, even with things like slides and aquatic lifts on the deck, and it will keep it centered throughout the year!

WITHOUT an Air Pillow. Looks like an In-Ground mess!

If you DON'T use an air pillow with an in-ground pool, the leaves, water and other debris gets scattered all over the cover, pooling up in pockets, etc. THIS takes a LONG time to clear and clean up!

Without and air pillow

Using an air pillow with in-ground pools is not needed for ice compensation, since the pool walls are retained by the ground. However, using and air pillow for water & debris management makes your life a LOT easier come spring! And using an air pillow with in-ground pools has NEVER BEEN EASIER due to The Pool Pillow Pal!