The Air Valve Sealer

The Air Valve Sealer will help keep the air IN your pool pillow by sealing the air valve!


Most pool pillows are imported and are cheaply made, which is fine because they often break from the pressure of snow and ice, which they are designed to do. However, if the pool pillow deflates or loses air before the winter is through, it will not do its job effectively. Between the cold temperatures condensing the plastic valve, and the pressure of the snow and ice on top of the cover, the air will often leak out of the pillow through the air valve/stem, and sometimes the water will leak inside the pillow! Occasionally the valve can pop open as well. Frustration!


While selling The Pool Pillow Pal to hundreds of thousands of repeat customers over the years including pool owners, retailers and distribution networks, we have been asked many times "what can you do to keep the air in the pillow!"


Well, NOW we have the answer! Seal the air valve with The Air Valve Sealer! This specially designed peel-and-stick disk is made to stick to the pool pillow in cold and wet climates, and to help keep the air IN and the water OUT of your pool pillow! Made from duable synthetic mateiral that is often used to label barrels in the ocean, the adheasive will hold your air valve shut, but it can be pulled from the pillow in the spring for storage if your pillow is still good. It works great for water bags as well! :-)