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Individual Unit Package

If your pool retailer does not carry The Pool Pillow Pal yet, let them know they should! 


It is a low cost/high value product because it helps pool owners with a task they have to do every year. Closing your pool is not an option, you have to do that. Being frustrated by the process IS optional, and to avoid the frustration, try this product once...we guarantee you will be STUCK on it!


It is an easy to install reusable device which connects and centers your pool pillow to your winter cover without any ropes! To see additional information about this product click here.


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The Pool Pillow Pal is proudly Made in the U.S.A. and has a U.S. Patent on the device and the unique method that this product provides!

Retail Display Box (24 units per box)

Directions to Apply The Pool Pillow Pal

  1. Find the center of your cover and mark with a marking tab.
    • You can simply do this by folding the cover in half, then half again and mark the center point on the underside of the cover (water side).
  2. Remove the plastic backing and attach the white Pool Pillow Pal to the cover by aligning the die-cut hole over the marking tab, making sure the area is clean and dry before application. Use firm pressure while applying to the surface of the cover and pillow. Apply the black Pool Pillow Pal to the center of the air pillow.
  3. Inflate the pillow to about 60%-80% of its capacity, then line up The Pool Pillow Pal patch on the pillow with the one on the cover and connect with firm pressure.
  4. Lift the cover with the attached pool pillow and place into the pool making sure the pillow is between the cover and the water. Position the rest of the cover onto the pool evenly and secure per cover manufacturers instructions. 

You are now DONE and your Pool Pillow Pal will do the rest until it's time to go swimming again next season!


Click the link below to refer back to the instructional video on The Pool Pillow Pal:


Pool Pillow Pal Video




Our BEST TIP to install and center your ice-compensating pool pillow is to use The Pool Pillow Pal...it will make the job 10X easier!


Also, to get the most life and best function from your pillow, here are a few other tips tips:

  1. Inflate your pillow to only 60%-80% of capacity. This will allow for compression from ice and snow. If it is fully inflated, the pillow won't compress enough, or will pop too quickly.
  2. Use pool and spa silicon lube (the stuff you use on your o-rings) around the valve of the pool pillow. Makes for a better seal.
  3. Put some duct tape over the valve and seal.
  4. Make sure the valve is facing the cover, not the water, when installed.
  5. Cover manufacturers recommend after covering your pool to put about 1 inch of water on top of the cover to assist with stabilization in windy conditions.