Welcome to The Pool Pillow Pal

As you can see from the video above, The Pool Pillow Pal is a patented connection system that consists of 2 specially designed flexible discs, one attaches to your air pillow and one to your winter cover...connect them together and slide the integrated pillow and cover on your pool as one unit...it's that easy!


It is EASY to install and connects & centers your pool pillow to your winter pool cover without the hassle of ropes or ties!


You can't find this material at a hardware store or a big-box home store; it has industrial strength connection and the adhesive is formulated to -40 degrees below zero! Average products will not hold and the adhesive will fall off causing additional headaches for you!


Also, the adhesive is different on each disc, specially designed for the pillow material and the cover material separately. 

A pool should be all about relaxation, not work.

Even at the end of the season you should not have to stress about closing your pool. As pool owners ourselves, and after talking with lots of other pool owners, the end of the pool season brought a lot of stress and frustration to many of us. Not just because the "lazy days of summer" have just about passed, but because we now have to close the darn pool!


For us and many other pool owners, the majority of the frustration had to do with the pool pillow and winter cover...trying to tie the pillow to the sides of the pool...it's not centered...the ropes break...can't get the cover over the pillow...nobody there to help...etc. We've all been there, which is how we developed the perfect solution...The Pool Pillow Pal! What does it do and how does it work? It is specially designed to connect and center your pool pillow to the winter cover with ease; no ropes or ties needed, no hassle or frustration either! Click here to find out more details!


We want to help you enjoy your pool more and reduce your frustration...even at closing time! If you have any questions or comments about The Pool Pillow Pal please send your e-mail to info@thepoolpillowpal.com, or for more contact information go to the following link: Contact us.


The Pool Pillow Pal

An EASY solution to attaching and centering your pool pillow and winter cover!


The Pool Pillow Pal is an EASY way to place your pool pillow in the pool and keep it centered and secured throughout the closing season until you're ready to swim again! It will help to anchor the cover in windy conditions as well so your cover won't blow around, which is less wear and tear on your expensive winter cover!

Why Use a Pool Pillow?

Great question!


A pool pillow is also known as an "Ice Compensator". Just as the technical name implies, it compensates for the ice that will form on your pool cover in the wintertime and is used in off-season periods in areas where there are subfreezing conditions. Snow and rain will land on your pool cover and freeze. As the ice accumulates it will act like a glacier and expand outward towards the sides of your pool. If too much ice forms it can damage your pool walls. (Read The Pool Pillow Pal story for a graphic example). 


The pool pillow allows for the ice to expand inward towards the pool pillow, not outward towards your pool walls. It also helps in the spring by evenly distributing the ice and maintaining smaller chunks of ice. The pool pillow is a low-cost insurance policy to protect your pool and The Pool Pillow Pal makes putting in your pool pillow so easy! No more cumbersome ropes or ties. No more frustration in trying to center the pool pillow.


With The Pool Pillow Pal, your pool pillow will be perfectly centered throughout the winter, and before you know it, you will be swimming again! To learn more about the product and why you need it, click here.

Avoid problems!

Pressure on pool walls and cover

Some of the problems with tying the pool pillow to the frame of the pool is that the ropes can break and the pool pillow shifts out of place. The ice of course will still form, but now it is NOT evenly distributed and can damage your cover and pool! As you see in this photo, the pillow is shifted to the side of the pool causing an imbalance of ice and unequal pressure on the pool and on the cover. You can see the cover being pulled and the pressure on the pool walls. The Pool Pillow Pal eliminates this problem and protects your pool and cover!

Blowing around, wear and tear on cover

Other problems with tying the pool pillow to the frame of the pool is that when wind gets under the cover it can blow it around, which will add wear-and-tear to your expensive pool cover! As you see in this photo, the gray pool cover (just past the white arbor) is puffed up, blowing and flailing around in the wind, causing unnecessary strain and wear-and-tear on the cover. The Pool Pillow Pal acts an an anchor for the cover and helps to secure it in place and protect it during windy conditions before rain and snow accumulate on the cover.

The cover ended up torn and tattered

The gray cover shown in the above photo, blowing around in the wind during the fall, was seen just a few months later in the beginning of March and I noticed that the cover was shredded, as depicted in the photo to the left! The Pool Pillow Pal is attached to the winter cover so it actually helps to anchor the cover to the pool to minimize cover damage and help to extend the life of your expensive pool cover!

Off to the side not doing its job

Here you see the pool pillow pushed onto the side of the pool...this such a frequent problem and a pervasive complaint from pool owners! Using the traditional method of tying the pillow to the frame of the pool and dragging it over the pillow is a struggle and is a frustrating process, and now the pool owner is left with a pillow that is off-centered (really annoying to look at...or maybe that's just me), but more importantly, now there is an uneven distribution of ice on top of the pool. This can cause pressure on the pool walls and cover leading to potential costly damage. The Pool Pillow Pal makes it very easy to put in your pool pillow, and it will hold it secure and centered from closing to opening!

Get the solution...The Pool Pillow Pal!

Centered and secure with The Pool Pillow Pal

A perfectly centered pool pillow held securely within your pool from closing to opening is an easy way to avoid headaches and costly damage to your swimming pool, your cover and liner. The Pool Pillow Pal makes the installation process so easy...ask your pool supply retailer for it by name...The Pool Pillow Pal!