What It Does (and why you NEED it!)

According to industry experts, most pool cover warranties are void unless ice equalizing air pillows are used! Ice equalizers are designed to absorb the ice pressure.

The Pool Pillow Pal changes the way that pool owners will close their swimming pools at the end of the season by creating a simple method of attaching the pool air pillow to the winter cover through our specially designed connecting device. It effectively integrates the air pillow to the center of the winter cover allowing them to be placed on the pool and removed from the pool as one simple unit.

The conventional method uses ropes and ties which secure to at least two points on the pool pillow and then secure to the frame of the pool at two or more points as well. Pool owners have been frustrated with this process for years because it is difficult and cumbersome to try to center the pool pillow, secure it to the pool frame and then somehow drag the winter cover over the pool pillow. The pool pillow often shifts out of place and occasionally will tear, or the ties break or become detached and the pool pillow is off to the side of the pool and is not serving its full purpose, which is to compensate for and evenly distribute ice as it freezes on top of the winter cover.

The Pool Pillow Pal eliminates those problems and more by using a specially designed industrial strength hook-and-loop technology formulated for subfreezing conditions and is not publicly available. The Pool Pillow Pal connects the items you use (pool pillows and winter covers) and works with all shapes and sizes of pillows and covers to to make it easy for you to cover your pool!

Your pillow will remain secure and centered in your pool throughout the winter protecting your expensive pool, and also due to its design, it will act act an anchor for your cover during windy conditions, protecting your cover from excessive wear and tear while keeping it more secured to your pool!

The Pool Pillow Pal in action (well...frozen, actually)

But it is doing its job, a perfectly centered and secure pool pillow allowing the ice and snow to expand INWARD towards the pool pillow, not OUTWARD toward the pool walls, potentially damaging the pool!

The photos above show exactly WHY you need to use a pool pillow:

  • Photo one (left) shows a perfectly centered pool pillow that was easily installed and securely held in place by The Pool Pillow Pal.
  • Photo two (center) shows accumulation of snow and water on top of the cover, and even after the windy fall, it is still perfectly centered and secure!
  • Photo three (right) shows the glacier-like encroachment of ice and snow towards the pool pillow rather than the pool walls!!

These photos show how the pool pillow takes the pressure of the encroaching ice and snow, getting crushed and compressed, rather than your expensive pool taking that pressure! The Pool Pillow Pal makes it so easy to use a pool pillow without the need for ropes and ties, and now that you know WHY you need to use one, I'm sure you won't go another season without it!


Many pool owners don't use a pool pillow due to the hassle, thereby putting their pools at risk of damage. That hassle has been eliminated with The Pool Pillow Pal!


Also, some people complain to their pool retailer that their pillow does not last more than one season, but consider that it is much better to replace the pool pillow than to replace the pool! Case in point, if you haven't read The Pool Pillow Pal Story, do so by clicking here.

Hurricane Sandy October 29, 2012

We got hit REALLY HARD with winds up to 80MPH last night during the hurricane. My pool cover was held down at times by The Pool Pillow Pal since it is connected to the cover and the pillow, and the water tension helps hold it down. However, the winds were so strong that at times the cover and attached pillow were flying in the air! I was surprised to see with that kind of beating the air pillow was STILL ATTACHED and centered to the cover! The winds beat so hard that the cover tore in parts. Check out the photos below! 

Hurricane winds 80MPH lifting cover and pillow
Milder winds controlled by the attached pillow and cover
Hurricane winds tore the winter cover!
The next morning the air pillow is STILL secure & centered!