Do You Have any Questions? Here Are some Helpful Answers...

Do I need to use a pool pillow?
Yes. If you live in an area where the temperature gets below freezing you should use a pool pillow. To see exactly WHY, you can read The Pool Pillow Pal story by clicking the link to the left. The pool pillow is a low cost device to help protect your pool and cover throughout the winter from the encroaching ice and snow, and The Pool Pillow Pal makes it is so easy to install!


Does the pool pillow have to be centered?
Yes. The pool pillow should be fairly centered within the pool to allow for even distribution of ice. If the pillow is off to the side, there will still be an area to compensate for the encroaching ice, but this often puts a strain and tugs on the pool cover due to the uneven distribution of ice and snow. Also, in the spring when the ice thaws, you will be left with heavy, large chunks of ice which can shift and damage your cover, liner and pool walls.


Do I need a really long pool pillow with an oval pool?

No. Most pool pillows available are roughly 4 feet by 5 feet which is adequate for the majority of pools, round or oval. If for some reason you plan to use a tubular pool pillow, which are usually about 4 feet by 8 feet or 4 feet by 15 feet, we would recommend using two Pool Pillow Pal's spaced. Follow the directions and center one, then put another one about 2 or 3 feet on one of the sides to prevent twisting. In lieu of a really long pillow, some people have placed two regular size pillows in their pools, in which case just use one Pool Pillow Pal on each pillow.  

Can I "tent" the cover to prevent ice and snow from forming?
No. This will put too much strain on the winter cover and on the walls of your pool and could likely damage the pool. Also, there is no device that will prevent all the ice and snow from accumulating on the cover, and once is starts, it will cause a dip in the cover and more and more ice and snow will accumulate placing greater strain on your pool and cover.


Can I just use a hook-and-loop product "off-the-shelf"?

No. The Pool Pillow Pal is specially designed to attach to the substrates of winter pool covers and pool pillows in subfreezing conditions. The problems with publicly available products is that the adhesive will either not stick to the substrate or during the cold weather it will break down and no longer secure the objects together and it will not perform its function.


Can I use The Pool Pillow Pal with an In-Ground Pool?

Yes. The Pool Pillow Pal is used by owners of in-ground pools who use soft covers when they close their pools and water bags around the edges to hold it down. Many in-ground owners use a large air pillow (4'x8' or 4'x15')in the center of their pool to shed water and debris to the sides of the pool to easily drain the water and remove the debris. Otherwise, the debris gets scattered across the cover, often making pockets in the center of the cover which make is very difficult to clean and remove the unwanted debris. Without The Pool Pillow Pal it is very difficult to tie in an air pillow and get the cover over the top of it due to the larger sizes of most in-ground pools and covers. The Pool Pillow Pal make it so easy!